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Colloquium Dr. Anthony Evans

  • Startdatum07-03-2013
  • Tijd16:00
  • LocatieRoom K1B-74 VU University Faculty of Psychology and Education Van der Boechorststraat 1 Amsterdam
  • TitelThe contextual effects of self-control in social dilemmas
  • SprekerDr. Anthony Evans
  • OnderdeelFaculteit der Psychologie en Pedagogiek
  • CategoriePsychologie, pedagogiek en onderwijs
  • EvenementtypeLezing

Dr. Evans will present new evidence that the effects of self-control largely depend on the structure of the decision environment. First, he will consider the question of whether cooperative decisions require less effort than selfish ones. In contrast to previous findings, Evans finds that extreme responses (showing full cooperation or none at all) are automatic, while moderate responses (showing partial cooperation) are effortful. The second part of the talk addresses the role of self-control in reciprocity decisions. Evans will present evidence that the decision to reciprocate an act of trust require effortful perspective-taking, and that the required effort depends on the situational costs and benefits. Together, these lines of research emphasize the need for a more nuanced view of self-control in social decision making.


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